November 12, 2012

Tech Tools Sunday!

It's raining awfully hard this afternoon, so after church instead of running to the grocery store, I decided to fish around the internet to find some cool new tools!
And here is what I found...

Word Clouds with Abcya
I use the website abcya all the time, but never realized they had this really cool word cloud feature. Word clouds are graphical representation of words.
I think this site so much easier for students to navigate then wordle. The features are cool, yet simple to use. There a more features too.

This would be ideal for writing poems, descriptive words, and fun projects!

iPad lockdown!
If you want to lock down an iPad app so that students can't navigate to other parts of the iPad, or leaving an app.

Follow these steps...

Click on Settings
Click on General
Click on Accessibility
Click on Guided Access
Turn it ON
Set a 4 digit passcode, that you do not give to students.
Open the App you want your student to use
Tap the Home Button 3X
The Guided Access feature will pop up.
You can circle certain areas within the APP that you want to disable.
Click Start to begin the Guided Access.
If the students try to click the Home button, or parts of the screen you did not authorize them to use, a message will appear that Guided Access is Enabled.
Triple Click the Home Button again to exit the APP, and enter your 4 digit passcode. Then click Exit guided access.

For those who also need a visual, here is a video that explains it all.