October 28, 2012

Tech Tools Sunday!!! iPad Mania!!!!!


These past few weeks I have spent a great deal of my time with iPads. I got a chance to visit each classroom to complete an iPad orientation with students. The orientation introduces the students to basic tips and tricks when using the iPad.

They get the opportunity to earn their iPad License. I reminded them that their parents had to earn their drivers license to operate a car, they had to earn their iPad license to operate an iPad.
By demonstrating that the know  the iPad rules... 

They have to pass the these 12 tests, which we do together as a class.
The kids loved being able to earn their iPad license.
Visit my TPT store to buy a copy of the license


I've done a lot research finding iPad apps that are great for teaching content. I have a list of must-have apps on my website. There are a lot more on my pinterest edtech board  too.
Also check out...

What if you only have one iPad in your classroom? Looking for a way to project your ipad on your interactive whiteboard so that you can share it with the whole class? The Reflections program is a great way to do this. This program allows you to mirror your iPad image on your laptop using Airplay, which you then connect to your interactive whiteboard. You can move around the room and share the ipad with students.

This application costs $14.99,  and you install it on your laptop/desktop.  It is well worth the price.
How about displaying several different iPads at a time on an interactive whiteboard? You could have students working on iPad projects, and use the reflection app to share/compare/contrast student projects.

Your students may also like to hear the Good night ipad Story

Or Sesame Street's There's an App for That!

Looking for some great examples of ways students are using iPads?......... stay tuned!