December 4, 2014

Tech Conscious Parents & Teachers love The Osmo iPad Game

 Osmo is a unique gaming accessory for the iPad that comes with games that will change the way your child plays. Created by two ex-Googlers and a former Disney executive, Osmo combines real physical objects with the virtual world of an iPad. It uses a simple plastic stand, a mirror, and a handful of common objects to create a unique gaming experience. Tangible Play’s Osmo lets kids play games on their iPads using pens, paper, and puzzle pieces. “Instead of a virtual reality game, we wanted to build an ‘actual reality’ game,” says co-founder Pramod Sharma, “We wanted something that didn’t require electronics, WiFi, or a battery, and couldn’t be easily broken. And it needed to be deep. We don’t want you to play it for just a day; we want you to be able to play for months.”

The Osmo consists of a Reflector mirror
that attaches to the top of your ipad, a base that the ipad sits in, and 3 different games for students Tangram, Words, and Drawing.

This device is only $79 for the reflector, base, and 3 games.

 One other great feature is that with the Word game teachers can upload their own images and words to the app. 

How does it work?
Install the 3 free apps on your ipad
Place your ipad 2 (or later) into the plastic stand (It even works with a mini)
Attach the mirror to the front-facing camera
Launch the App
Let the Learning Begin!

Check out first graders using the Tangram, and Word games.

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