December 15, 2014

21st Century Book Reports with iMovie Trailers

Apple did an awesome thing when they added the trailer feature into iMovie. You can easily create a professional looking video in literally minutes. Whether you are using the Mac version (desktop/laptop) or the iPad App, there are so many ways students can use iMovie Trailers to show their learning.
Here is a short list:
Book Trailers
Digital Storytelling
Project Based Learning
Science Projects
Famous People
The list goes on.....

The iMovie app is so simple to use, and if you are also using Google Apps for Education, the Open-in Feature within Google Drive allows you to share photos and video footage between ipads or computers to promote collaboration. You start by uploading the data to Google Drive, then on the iPad select the footage, then the open-in feature by selecting iMovie, or another compatible app.

Watch this short video that explains the Book Trailer process from a student's perspective.

I worked with 1st & 4th graders to create a Book Trailer on their favorite books. Check out some of their projects below.

View more projects  on Ms. Bergin's classroom blog here
For a full lesson plan on how to incorporate book trailers into your classroom, check out my APP Flow on Graphite Common Sense Media website.

What ways are using iMovie Trailers in your classroom?

December 4, 2014

Tech Conscious Parents & Teachers love The Osmo iPad Game

 Osmo is a unique gaming accessory for the iPad that comes with games that will change the way your child plays. Created by two ex-Googlers and a former Disney executive, Osmo combines real physical objects with the virtual world of an iPad. It uses a simple plastic stand, a mirror, and a handful of common objects to create a unique gaming experience. Tangible Play’s Osmo lets kids play games on their iPads using pens, paper, and puzzle pieces. “Instead of a virtual reality game, we wanted to build an ‘actual reality’ game,” says co-founder Pramod Sharma, “We wanted something that didn’t require electronics, WiFi, or a battery, and couldn’t be easily broken. And it needed to be deep. We don’t want you to play it for just a day; we want you to be able to play for months.”

November 10, 2014


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November 5, 2014

Google Apps, Extensions, and Apps, O My- Part 2

 Check these out
TechSmith Snagit
EasyBib Tools
Movenote for Education
Flubaroo - Google Sheets add-on

Birds of a Feather Learn Together: 3 Steps to Becoming an Organized Tweeter

I’ll be the first to admit it: when I first started using Twitter 3 years ago, I used it purely as a social outlet. I “connected” with my favorite celebrities, chatted with a few of my friends and poked fun at the funny trending hashtags. But after spending quite a bit of time using Twitter personally, I soon discovered the value in using it to build a professional learning network. I have participated in numerous hours of in-person formal professional development, graduate coursework and workshops, but I can honestly say that I have learned and connected more from a few hours on Twitter right from the comfort of my own home.

October 30, 2014

Thinking About Flipping Your Classroom? Check out These Simple Ways To Get Started

The Flipped Classroom is a fairly new strategy that flips traditional classroom teaching to offer a more student centered approach.  A flipped classroom is a teaching strategy that uses technology to record a teacher's lesson, and have students watch the lecture at home as opposed to the teacher lecturing in class. A benefit to this is students can watch the lectures at their own pace, and as many times as needed. A flipped classroom allows more time for activities during class outside of lecturing, such as collaborating learning projects, and assessments. By completing the  "homework" in the classroom this allows for more teacher and student interaction. A flipped classroom is more student-centered, versus a traditional classroom being more teacher-centered.

October 29, 2014


Collaboration is important at any age. We should empower our students to be explorers, and engage and be a part of their own learning. 

A 4th grade classroom paired with a kindergarten class to have buddy time, get to know each other, and learn a new tool. 


October 20, 2014

Create a Digital Citizen- Resources to Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week Oct. 19-25th

Digital Citizenship Week is October 19-25th. Digital Citizenship Week is all about teaching kids how to think critically, be safe, and make smart and responsible decisions when using digital media. Find out what Digital Citizenship is from Digizen and how you can help students become more responsible and proactive user of online technologies.
Many other organizations like Digizen have made it easy for teachers, and parents to teach these concepts to students in very practical ways.

October 17, 2014

Extensions, Add-Ons and Apps, Oh My! How to Utilize Google in Your Classroom

Google Apps for Education has totally transformed the way we teach and communicate inside and outside of the classroom. Through tools like Google DriveGoogle HangoutsGoogle Earth andBlogger, we can create authentic learning experiences for our students more than ever by promoting collaboration and helping them access their work anywhere and anytime.

Curious to learn more about how to better use Google in your classroom? Come to the official EdSurge Tech for Schools Summit on Oct. 17-18 in St. Louisand talk to Brown in person. Get your ticket here for free!