Let's Integrate!

Levels Of Technology Integration
Students and teachers employ technology daily in the classroom using a variety of tools to complete assignments and create projects that show a deep understanding of content.
(Lessons begin in the classroom, continue in the computer lab.. begin in the computer lab continue in the classroom.
Students are creating, collaborating, sharing, & publishing. Teachers are modeling, demonstrating, and allowing students to take ownership of their learning)
(Ex: Students compose a song in Garage Band and shoot a music video to show learning The order of Operations in Math)

TIPS for Great Tech Integration
Locate tools that will make learning more exciting, interesting, and relevant for students
Learn to use technology that extends the power of the computer, such as a scanner, digital camera, video camera, and projector.
Work with a partner to plan new curriculum units or lessons. It's lots more fun that way, and you and your partner can brainstorm ideas, share the planning, and contribute your individual strengths.

Great Tech Integration Examples 
(Make it) Use technology to show creativity
(Say it) Use technology to communicate
(Share it) Use technology to collaborate
(Find it) Use technology to research to show information literacy
(Solve it) Use technology to think critically, solve problems, or be decision makers
(Use it) Use technology devices to improve learning
(Protect it) Follow rules of digital citizenship

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