August 26, 2012

Web 2.0 Sunday!

As usual, I am multi-tasking. Working on my course website, watching TV, and surfing the net looking for more technology ideas. This is what I found today...

Tagxedo is like Wordle on steroids. 

This website does allow you to take websites and create word clouds. You have more options of color and style. It also allows you to save it in a picture format, and post to social media. 
Check out the word cloud I created from this blog.



What a cool site completely dedicated to Science.  There are videos, inter actives, and even a place for kids to get science fair ideas!



A fantastic website for teaching students parts of speech.


Math Live

A fantastic site that uses cartoons to teach math concepts. From place value to Probability. The list is endless. 



Sweet Search is a kid friendly search engine for kids. It only searches 35k websites that have been expert approved.


Showing youtube videos to students can sometimes be scary. You are not always sure what will pop up after the video is over, or what will pop up on the sides. This website allows you to eliminate all of that and just show the video you want. Just paste the link in the box, and you are all set.

Ribbon Hero

What a cool site! It is a Microsoft Add-on that allows you to turn Word into a Game tutorial. You complete certain tasks, and you earn points while doing it.

Just a little Sunday afternoon surfing!

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