August 27, 2012

A Cool way to empower Self-directed learning and Exploration

InstaGrok is an interactive learning tool, empowering self-directed learning and exploration on any topic in an engaging and personalized way.

Put in any topic, and it creates an interactive Concept Map for you to explore.

Innovative Features

instaGrok's innovative features make learning much more fun and effective:
  • Key Facts show important facts about the topic (with links to the original content page)
  • Difficulty Slider adjusts the difficulty of the material
  • Quizzes offer fun challenges that reinforce learning and encourage exploration
  • Glossary defines important terms

Journals, Pinning and History

  • Integrated journals allow easy note-taking or writing of research reports
  • Pin buttons allow pinning of favorite facts, websites or images to your graph or jounral
  • Search history is automatically saved, allowing you to come back to your research activity

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