August 28, 2012

Google Drive! What's all The fuss??

Google Drive is now the NEW version of Google Docs!
So you might have logged into your Google Docs and received a message that it was now Google Drive, and I know you were like OHHH GOD another change. Well, you should know by now that Google never keeps things the same, they are always evolving and making things better. This is what we love about Google, but it still can sometimes be frustrating when are just getting used to doing things a certain way.
Here is a quick guide for understanding Google Drive.
When you create document you have the option to share it with someone. Sharing documents allows you to collaborate, brainstorm, and share ideas via the same document, at the same time.
Google added the feature Google Drive to allow you to not only share documents with other people, but also share those same documents via your own computer without the hassle of uploading documents online. By downloading GOOGLE DRIVE to your desktop, you create a folder that will automatically sync items in both places. (your hard drive, and google docs)

Quick Facts:
Google has a section called "My Drive" this is the section that syncs folders, files, and docs to your computer. Anytime you update a file, folder or Google Doc in My Drive, these changes will be mirrored versions in your online Google Drive. (My Drive)

MY Drive includes:

  • Google Docs that you own
  • Files that you've synced or uploaded
  • Folders that you have created, synced or uploaded
  • Any shared file that you have added to MY DRIVE from Shared with me, or ALL iTEM
Pull up files, folders, and Google Docs that collaborators have directly shared with you.
Shared with me lets you view the files, folders, and Google Docs that  collaborator shave shared with you. 

Share with me includes views of:
  • Time stamps recording the last time a collaborator saved something
  • Owner of the file, folder, or Google Doc
  • Unviewed items in bold
You won't see files in this view with share settings such as a group, or public, instead try searching your Google Drive or looking for these items in the All items view.

Unless something you shared with you is stored in My Drive, it won't sync. Here's how to add something from the Shared with me to My Drive:
  • Select Shared with Me
  • Select files, folders, or Google Docs
  • Click the Add to my Drive Button. The selected files will automatically sync to your Google Drive folder on your computer.

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