November 1, 2013

AURAS- Augmented Reality

AURAS-Did you know the $20 (both sides!) has a built in Aura?

Set up an account and create Auras:

A couple of places to get your tools for creating auras:     
                                    Bottom left of screen                      Right-hand side of screen
Helpful hint:  Use the  “i” for help.  The tutorials are wonderful!  


Trigger Images

Screens shots above came directly from the Aurasma website:

Four easy steps to create an aura:
  1. Upload a trigger image.
  2. Upload an overlay image or video.
  3. Create a channel for your Auras to go in.
  4. Add the finished Aura to your channel.

View an aura:
Auras are viewed won a mobile device, using the Aurasma App.

Download Aurasma tutorial

Video resource for creating Auras:

Ideas on how to use Auras in the classroom: