August 18, 2013

AudioBoo?? Cute Name, and Cool Tool!

Audio Boo is a social media platform that allows you to combine audio and social media to create  podcasts called "boos". (It's an APP and a website)
You can also access a library of content specific channels from BBC, CNBC, The Guardian, and UNICEF.
This free app allows you to create a account with specialized boards that you can record and share audio and photos.

Here are a few cool ways to use Audio Boo in the classroom:

  • Create audio podcasts of a lesson to share with students using a platform like edmodo. Students who are absent can easily access your boo, and makeup their work.
  • Students can show what they know by creating their own boo's and sharing them with the class. They can summarize the lesson for the week, day or unit. It can be a great resource for test study guides, and end of course exams.
  • Document class activities. Take pictures and share audio of the exciting learning activities in your classroom.
  • My FAVORITE way to use Audio boo is to document a field trip.

Check out these examples:
Document Class Activities w/ pictures and recordings

 Document Field Trips

Can't wait to use this tool when the 4th graders go to Jefferson City!

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