June 5, 2013

Keep up The Reading During the Summer K-2 Reading Resources

We don't want our kiddos to lose what they have learned all year in the 3 months they are off this summer! Here are some great tools for students to practice those reading skills this summer! Some of the resources are free, but some have a very low cost. Sometimes its worth spending a few dollars on Apps so you don't worry about all of the ads that pop-up.

Apps for Phonological Awareness

Dora Rhyme $1.99  Practice Rhyming Words with Dora
The second in the Nickelodeon Literacy Suite, Dora ABCs Vol 2: Rhyming Words focuses on your child’s emerging literacy skills. By matching rhyming words and more with Dora and Boots in this educational application, your child will become aware of individual sounds (phonemes) in words and how they are sequenced and changed to make new words. The ability to hear, discriminate and manipulate phonemes is highly associated with reading readiness in early childhood and considered a critical skill for the development of reading skills.

Rhyming Words- $.99 A wonderful app to help kids to start rhyming words
The goal of this application is to give parents and teachers a new interactive tool that helps children further develop these critically important skills in a fun and engaging new way. 

Rhyming PCS- Free 
Students can use the Picture Communication Symbols (PCS™) Rhyming Flash Cards App to practice rhyming in a fun, mobile way. 
This App is great for students learning to read, those students already reading and students learning patterns in words. 

Kids learn to spell the most needed words as they play. Application presents each word by displaying a picture and pronounces the word and presents the letters that are needed to make the word. Kids use there hand to arrange the letters in the right order to make the word. Using this not only your kid will learn to spell the common words, he/she will also learn how to say them.

Phonics Vowels- Free 
Learn phonics vowel sounds, and letter combinations with this fun kids' game.
Knowing vowel letters and their sounds is an important step in learning to read.

Spelling Game
Starfall Abc's 
Starfall ME
Letter Quiz

One of the best online Resources for Reading 
READwritethink.org has many tools such as:

Construct-a-Word provides a simple, engaging way for students to generate dozens of different words by first choosing an ending (for example -an, -ed, -at, -op) and then adding a beginning letter or blend. When a correct word is created, the word is stored in a Word Bank where students can read and review their words. 

Picture Match is designed to give new readers practice with identifying beginning-letter and short- and long-vowels sounds through a simple, fun game.

Kids like to solve puzzles. In this game, puzzles take the shape of words! Phonemic awareness—or the sounds letters make—is an important skill for early readers.

This online activity is designed for beginning and struggling readers to help them recognize word patterns and learn about onset and rhyme.

This highly interactive activity supports critical thinking and problem solving while also building students' comprehension and spelling skills.

Alphabet Organizer has numerous applications for classroom instruction. Students have the option to enter one word, more than one word, or a word and related notes for each letter of the alphabet.

PBS Kids hosts some terrific educational material for children and their Between the Lions reading games and interactives are among the best. 

Many Games to Offer here
Specific Games to try...
Electric Company Say What
Electric Company Chain Game
Kids Theo's Puzzles
PBS Kids- Monkey Match

Check out more here

Be sure to check out other games and apps available on those sites to keep your kids reading!