April 24, 2013

Interactive Art Show w/ QR CODES

QR CODES are just so amazing.
Last night, we had our annual Spring Art show, with a little twist. We made it interactive with QR codes!

I recorded the voices of all 400+ students on the website vocaroo.com. This website is so simple to use, and the best part is it allows you to create a QR code right on the website, and even share via email, facebook, or twitter.

I sent an email to parents prior to the event to download a QR code app reader. Art show flyer

Parents used a QR code scanner on their device (ipad, smartphone) to scan the QR code. They then were able to hear their child talk about their art piece. Students shared what their inspiration was for creating their projects, the materials they used, and the steps they took, in creating their masterpieces.

This past year I recorded all of the students voices and it was quite time consuming. 
At our school, the each student selects 2 pieces from their portfolios to display at the art show that takes place at the end of the school year. This year I am going to collaborate with the art teacher and we will have students write reflections as they complete each piece, so they don't have to go back and remember how they created it months later. 
I will definitely have students record their own voices this time.

Check out what we sent home to parents here

So this is the process for creating QR codes...

Use www.vocaroo.com 
Record audio
Save audio
Click on the QR code link to generate a QR code.
Copy and paste the code onto a word document, then add the name of the student at the bottom. ( you may want to resize them) The reason I put them in a word document is to label them when you are doing a large amount. When QR codes are printed they look exactly the same.
Print them. 
I print a class at a time, and I am sure to list the order of the recordings somewhere, or add the names & class at the bottom of each QR code.

You can also teach students how to do this in the computer lab or on laptops.

Before the show-- I sent home a flyer explaining the show to parents, and asking them to download a QR code reader like iNiGMA. I also had ipads available for checkout.
Also, remind them to bring earbuds.

Hope this helps! Much success!