January 26, 2013

VoiceThread in the Classroom

Do you want a way to allow students to record digital stories? Allow students to link their voices with pictures they illustrated?

VoiceThread is an awesome resource to use with students. It is very user friendly, and it allows to students as young as Kindergarten to work independently recording their voices on the app. The other great thing about VoiceThread, is that it is both a website resource, and an iPad app. The BEST things about VoiceThread is that 1) both the website and app work well together. You can start a project on the iPad and finish on the computer, and vise versa and 2) you don't have to have "real" email addresses for students to setup accounts.
You can create up to 3 projects for free at a time in VoiceThread. Otherwise, you can pay for a school or license.

I have had the opportunity to work with different grade levels this year creating awesome projects using VoiceThread.

Kindergarten- Students drew pictures of their version of the story "Don't let the Penguin drive the Bus", they each created a page with what they wanted to prevent the Penguin from driving, then they recorded their voices reading what they wrote. We put them all together, creating a digital story.

2nd Grade- Students read famous fairytales, then illustrated pages of the story based on what they envisioned is happening in each scene of the story. They used VoiceThread to record their voices telling the story with their own images.
 We started with a view of how VoiceThreads worked
 Then the students practiced their scripts, until they were perfect.

They got a brief review on how to take pics with their iPads

 We worked to take pics, so we could import them into VoiceThread

 Each group really had to work together

 Once the pictures were in, they had to check and make sure they were in the right order

 Then the fun part! They recorded their voices on their iPads all by themselves

Check out their work here

Check out more here

Another  2nd grade class created HOW To Lessons. They taught us how to do the Gangam Style dance

How To's 2nd Grade

3rd Grade- Students wrote and illustrated their own stories, then used VoiceThread to add audio to create digital stories to share.