October 14, 2012

Tech Tools Sunday!

The Democracy Project- An interactive website
Today's Sunday surfing brought me to PBS kids. With the elections coming up, I thought this was a great initiative by PBS to inform kids about voting. This website has some great information for kids to learn about the candidates, and learn about voting. Let's get our kids involved! 
I also found

 A website that provides 25 free interactive whiteboard lessons that teach math concepts in Kg-5th grade.
Here is an activity that teaches kids to count and recognize numbers by flipping an interactive card.

There interactive activities for different math concepts.

This is an iPad app and an interactive website. This website creates an interactive whiteboard that you can record lesson plans. Students can create their own slideshow recordings using the iPad app.

A fun website called

This website allows you to upload a photo and turn it into a coloring picture. Upload your photo, then download it and print it out to color it!

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