August 11, 2012

Download Videos to Your Computer

Download Videos to your Computer!

So how many times have you found this absolutely fantastic video, and you thought, O wow! I would love to share this with my students tomorrow, only to come to work and type in and get that o so annoying... this website content has been blocked due to the district filtering. UGGH! hate it!
Well fret no more there are a few ways you can fix that problem! allows you to download any video played on your computer to your computer's hard drive. This will require you to do a little preparation and download the video prior to coming in to work, but at least you will be able to show that perfect youtube video you found.
Just drag the toolbar to your browser, and then when you are watching a video, click keepit! and it will save that video to your computer. Pretty cool?

Another way is to download
This program is downloaded to your computer, and when you are watching a video it will automatically download the video to a downloads window, giving you the option to download it.

How about this... If you use CHROME, you can download Google Youtube downloader for Chrome. This ADD-on Allows you to download Youtube videos with one click

Wow.. things just keep getting easier.

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