August 24, 2012

Are you a 21st Century Teacher?

As an educator we set goals for ourselves each year. Rather it be to dedicate more time to exploring different ways to provide engaging instruction to students, or just finding ways to work smarter and not harder.
After surfing the web for awhile, I came across a very interesting article outlining 10 important resources any 21 century teacher should be using in their classroom.
Check it out!

Which ones are you using?
Here are some others you might find helpful

Do you have a website address that is so long, it takes kids forever to type in? Try one of these website shorteners. This is a great tool to use to share websites easier.

This article outlines "21 signs You're a 21st Century Teacher"
Even if you can't relate to everything in this article, making  few changes can put you one step closer to being a 21st century educator!!!

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