June 7, 2013

Who Says Kindergarteners Can't Use Digital Cameras?

Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt Project Lesson -Kindergarten

  • Students will learn how to use a digital cameras, learn the parts, and how to take pictures.
  • Students will take pictures of commonly used objects found in the classroom.
  • Students will complete puzzles using the digital images they created.
  • Students will label the pictures in a presentation created in Keynote.

Lesson Steps:
In the classroom: (during computer lab time)
  • Mini lesson on using digital cameras (There is a great brainpop jr video on digital cameras and video)
    They discuss stuff like...
    • What are the parts of a digital camera- power button, lense, zoom, shutter button, flash, screen
    • What are some tips to follow to take good photos?
    • What is framing?

  • Students are put in groups of 3-4. Each group is given a digital camera
  • Each group is given index cards with the names of commonly used objects  found in the classroom. ex: paper, crayons, book, smartboard, table, desk, carpet, etc..
  • Students will take turns taking pictures of those individual objects in the classroom.

In the Lab:
  • Follow-up session 1 (during computer lab time)
    • Day 2: We  (Teacher, Technology) will use Jigsawplanet.com to create puzzles prior to computer lab class. The students will complete puzzles using the digital pictures they took with the digital cameras in the computer lab.

      • Need a Bigger Challenge?

      • Day 3: Students will use the Keynote/PowerPoint template: Essentially a keyboarding exercise, they will navigate to each slide and type in the name of the object (which is  shown on the photo itself.) They need to spell the words correctly and capitalize their names before we print the presentation out in handout form to take home.

Classroom Teachers role:
  • Place students in small groups (4-5 students)
  • Write on index cards the name of commonly used objects found in the classroom. (4-5 objects, 1 set for each group)
  • Create an account on jigsawplanet.com for your classroom, share the log-in information with the technology teacher.
  • Work with technology teacher to upload images to the website to create puzzles for the students.
Technology Teacher’s role:
  • Mini lesson on using the digital camera
  • Work with teacher to upload images to the website to create puzzles for the students.
  • Create a Keynote/Powerpoint template of the images for students to create their slide show.

    Get ready for some cool projects! Be sure to upload your pictures to a website so they can share their work with the world!